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VIT and its alumni have a very interdependent relationship. "The reputation of the College reflects on the alumni and the reputation of the alumni reflects on the VIT. Thus it is in our own best interests as alumni to do what we can to enhance our VIT.

The major aims of the VIT Alumni Association, Inc. are to advance the interests and promote the welfare of VIT and its alumni, staying true to the Association's organizational charter written in 1846:

52"This Association is organized for the advancement of learning and knowledge, for increasing the mutual cultivation of the minds of the members, for furthering the usefulness of VIT, and for creating among the members a bond of unity to produce and perpetuate throughout their lives those feelings of esteem, friendship and love which arise from their relationship with their Alma Mater."

Therefore, the objectives of the Alumni Association are to set and achieve annual goals in financial support, student recruitment, career assistance and job placement along with alumni and student activities and services.

Anyone who graduated from VIT or attended the College and left the institution in good standing, qualifies as a voting member of the Alumni Association and is eligible to vote at the Annual Meeting of the membership of the corporation. The Annual Meeting takes place during Alumni Weekend.

The Alumni Association is governed by a Board of Directors, commonly known as the Alumni Council, with the assistance of various standing and ad hoc committees. Each committee supports at least one of the Association's major program objectives: Executive Committee, Alumni Services Committee, Admission Services Committee, Development Services Committee, Internal Affairs Committee and Student Services Committee.

If you are interested in volunteering for Alumni Council membership, please contact the Alumni Relations Office, [email protected].






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