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Doctor of Philosophy in Applied Psychology

Course title --    Doctor of Psychology, Applied Psychology
Qualification level  --  Doctor
course code --   D1058
Length of course -- 3 years full-time / part-time equivalent

Combine professional training in organisational psychology with high-level research in your chosen field of study through our PhD study program.

Gain hands-on experience with our Organisational Consulting Service

You will have the opportunity to build your knowledge and casework experience through training under the supervision of specialist psychologists.

Take your passion to a new level with postgrad study

Postgrad study is all about developing your passion further, a one-degree-fits-all approach just simply doesn't work for everybody. 

We're flexible about what and how you choose to study - and we employ great academic thinkers who care about helping you along your new path.

A Ph.D. program in applied psychology trains students to become scholars of psychology's applications in the workplace and in educational settings. Research is an integral component of such programs. Individuals with Ph.D.s in Applied Psychology are qualified to work as consultants for nonprofit organizations, industries and businesses or as researchers for universities. Over the course of a typical program, candidates usually complete their programs of study in the first couple years and then devote the remaining time to studying and passing comprehensive department exams as well as researching, composing and defending their dissertations.

Course Structure - 55 credit points

First Year - 39 credit points

Core Units - 39 credit points

PSY366 - Development Psychology -- 5 pts

PSY364 - Social Psychology -- 5 pts

PSY365 - Cognitive Psychology -- 5 pts

PSY302 - Personality -- 5 pts

PSY367 - Experimental Psychology -- 5 pts

PSY369 - Theories of Counseling and Psychotherapy --4 pts

PSY337 - Psychology Assessment -- 5pts

PSY337 - Psychology Research Methods -- 5pts

Concentration Options courses

PSY421 - The Pursuit of Self-worth and Self-directed -- 2 pt

PSY435 - Enhance People's Theories and Methods of Happiness – 2 pts

PSY423 - Brain potentials -Use your head --2 pts

PSY432 - Enhance the Psychological Capital,Potential to Stimulate the Organization -- 4 pts

PSY447 - Expressive Art Therapy – 2 pts

PSY465 - Music Therapy -- 2 pts

PSY437 - Shaping behavior– 3 pts

PSY438 - Sexuality Psychology Human Sexuality -- 2 pts

PSY422 - Work Team Dynamics --2 pts

PSY467 - Game of Gifts——Discover leadership within you– 4 pts

PSY569 - Discover influence and trust within you -- 2pts

PSY543 - Family Therapy and Personal growth – 2 pts

PSY594 - Analysis of A Leader to Shape -- 2 pts

PSY543 - Management assistance of program (EAP) – 4 pts

PSY594 - Short-term consulting and coach -- 4 pts

Research Preparation

PSY667 - Professional Development– 4 pts

PSY769 - Clinical Consultation and Supervision -- 3 pts

PSY743 - Research Design and Proposal Development – 3pts

PSY794 - Statistical Methods for the Behavioral Sciences -- 3 pts

PSY743 - Doctoral-level seminar courses – 3 pts

PSY794 - Report Writing and Dissertation Defense -- 12 pts








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